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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Life Got Busy

Lately I have been thinking about my blog and the need I feel to write again. It was not until I sat down to review and update the blog profile, that I realized almost 3 years have passed since my last post! All I can say is "Life Got Busy"........

We have had family illnesses. At some point our family promise to never grow old was fractured. I know this is the natural progression of life, but it is unfortunate the amount of illness that is associated with it. I feel like the faucet of life has started that annoying drip and no matter how hard you try, you cannot make it go away or stop completely.

Last year, the window of opportunity opened allowing Americans to travel to Cuba. Wanting to experience Cuba before the mass tourism boom we booked a flight! We visited the city of Havana and the country side of Trinidad. Each location unique and exciting in it's own way. What intrigued me most about Havana is the Ernest Hemingway connection. "Papa", is one of my favorite authors and Havana was his playground!

The restaurant bar known as La Bodeguita del Medio is home to the cocktail called "Mojito". One of La Bodeguita's celebrity patrons was Ernest Hemingway. Inscriptions of famous and not so famous patrons cover the walls of the restaurant inside and out. I too left my mark in Cuba.

Trinidad, where the people are as beautiful as the views! We embraced the slower pace of life and wished we had allowed more time to enjoy all that this countryside has to offer.

This past August, we were fortunate to attend the wedding of our nephew Levi and his sweet bride Lindsey! The trip home to Wisconsin united us with family and friends and inspired us to unite with even more family in Colorado, Arizona and California. Time spent with family is a precious gift we give ourselves and the sweetest time of all!

After living at the beach for 7 years, the Senor and I decided we wanted to make a change. We put our house up for sale and are happy to say it sold! We are currently living in the city of Merida and have settled into a comfortable little rental house.

Currently we are plotting our next adventure..........

Hope you have enjoyed!
La Senora


  1. So happy to see you blog again! There is a sweet undercurrent in your writing which reminds me of sitting in my grandfathers rocking chair while he related stories if his childhood. Your words exhude love... Señora del Amor

  2. MCM, Feeling overwhelmed by your kind words. Much appreciated!

  3. Glad you're in Merida!

    1. Jan Morgan, thank you! We are really enjoying city life.

    2. very happy to hear you're back, La Senora. And thanks for the email. We enjoyed your blog...more please! H and N