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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sanford & Son

It is a wonderful gift to be able to relax on a beach. Without a car, computer, cell phone or television, life is very simple and peaceful. We are walking between 5 - 10 miles everyday. We do not have a scale, but from the fit of our clothing, I would estimate that we have lost at least 5 pounds! In the past, we have never lost pounds on vacation, but we certainly have found plenty! We are very familiar with our neighborhood and would  like to venture out and explore more. Not wanting to rent a car for everyday activities, we decide to buy used bicycles. We bartered a creative deal that left everyone happy. We have bikes for our duration, for less than the cost of renting, with the understanding that we will take care of some deferred maintenance and return the bikes to the seller before the end of our vacation. Entrepreneurship at it's best! These bikes are not new, semi new or gently used. They are hard core, well ridden beach cruisers. Oh yeah, I'm talking big seats, fat tires and one speed; all the working essentials needed to move forward. We refer to our new ride as "Sanford & Son".

Adopting the way of the locals, we use our bicycles as mules. We have moved 20 liter bottles of water, cases of beer and even the laundry all balanced on the seats of our bikes. This adaptation does not go by unnoticed, we often find ourselves being stared at. I like to believe the locals are amazed and amused; this is not the way of foreigners as they know it. Bicyclists and pedestrians have very few road rights. Within the designated cross walks, an individual usually has the right away. Beyond this, look out, driving is a sport in Mexico and anyone is fair game! Many of today's drivers are first generation drivers. They did not have the opportunity, growing up, to learn the rules of the road from the back seat of mom and dad's car or through formal education. A keen awareness of your surroundings and a sense of humor is needed at all times..........

La Senora

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  1. Hey....we recognize those streets and we recognize Senor! Love the pix...
    Heather y Norm