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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who Needs To Cook

Our kitchen is sparsely equipped. Not counting the 4 dishes, 3 cups and odd pieces of silverware, we have a saucepan, frying pan, spatula and a machete. We are not quite sure if the machete is meant for indoor or outdoor use! I am determined to make due with what we have been provided. Cooking a meal will be a challenge. But who needs to cook, when you have "Cocina Economicas" (Economic Kitchens), scattered throughout the neighborhood!

Cocina Economicas started as a way for women to make money without having to leave the house. From 12:00 - 4:00 p.m., women open up the front room of their homes, such as the living room, and serve economically priced home cooked meals for take away (carry-out). Generally, you have 3 - 4 entrees to choose from. The menu changes daily, the ingredients are fresh and portions are purchased by rations. For us, one ration is usually large enough to share. This has been a wonderful way to experience the regional foods of the Yucatan and Mexico, and support the local community.

Today many of the popular Cocina Economicas have expanded into small full service restaurants. Our favorite Cocina Economica is called "Dona Mary". We have enjoyed many delicious meals from Dona Mary. Our all time favorite is Chiles Rellenos (Stuffed Chiles). Poblano peppers stuffed with a mix of ground beef and pork, raisins, capers and green olives. Then battered and fried. Topped off with a warm tomato sauce, a side of white rice and tortillas. Yours to enjoy for less than the cost of a "Happy Meal"! I can assure you, that after eating this meal, you will be very happy.........  


La Senora

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  1. We remember Dona Mary with great fondness. We used to eat breakfast there (sometimes). You are correct La Senora---the ingredients are fresh and much better than an egg mcmuffin!
    Mmmmmmmm....abrazos, H y N back in Canada