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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Running With Our Pants Down

Taking a sunset walk along the beach, I notice a wedding in progress. Tiki lights and rose petals line the pathway.The breeze is warm and lazy; the wedding dress and vail are flowing beautifully. The music played by a 3 piece string ensemble completes the perfect picture. The photographer moves about silently capturing this memorable day. The Maid of Honor and the Best Man are standing side by side with 2 small children, one in hand (3years old) and the other being held (infant). The 3 year old begins to squirm. Being dressed in a tuxedo, on a beach just isn't right! Looking up with a big smile upon his face, he takes off his bow tie and hands it to the Best Man. Best Man pockets the bow tie. Reading that as a sign of  approval, the jacket and shirt are removed. This brings laughter to the wedding party, guests and spectators. Next he drops to the ground and begins to make a sand angel. As the exchange of the wedding vowels begins, the little boy stands and starts to brush the sand off his chest and arms. Unable to reach all the sandy areas, he and the pants he is wearing become very uncomfortable. What to do?  "Do you take this woman to be your....." down go the pants and he is off, bare naked and running for the water, with the photographer and Best Man close behind! We all have one. Yes, you know, that embarrassing story and picture that only Mom enjoys sharing with our dates!

Remember the huge spider. Yes, the tarantula looking creature. I knew it would only be a matter of time until it would once again take me by surprise. This time, I am in the bathroom, having a seat on the toilet, waiting for nature to run it's course. Minding my own business and having a good look around the room, I notice movement out of the corner of my eye. I turn to have a better look at what caught my attention. Sure enough, lurking behind the door is the spider and it grew another inch! Slowly, I rise and reach for the door knob while yelling for my husband to grab a broom. With my pants down around my ankles, I run out of the bathroom, shouting that the spider is back. Broom in hand, my warrior enters the bathroom. I quickly close the door, to decrease the odds of the spider escaping! It's behind the door; do you see it? "Yes, and it looks like you took care of it". Impossible. You know I wouldn't touch it."It must have moved when you opened the door". "Then, WHEN YOU CLOSED THE DOOR ON US, it got caught in the door frame"!

La Senora

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  1. Photos....we want photos....of both the pantless adventures! At least the tarantula is not around any more. But what about its mate? Dum de dum dum....
    Abrazos H&N