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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Leap Or Wait

After a busy week of house hunting, we find ourselves mentally exhausted and overwhelmed. We have found a house that interest us. It will require a fair amount of renovations. In an attempt to get a "ball park" figure as to the cost of materials and labor, we meet with several contractors. Our biggest advantage in this real estate market, is that this fishing village is still a diamond in the rough. Just the idea of knowing, that we could own a house within walking distance to a beach, has us both overflowing with excitement!

With only a week left until we depart, we find ourselves in a dilemma. Do we take the leap and push an offer through or do we wait? Normally, in situations such as this, we usually side with common sense. Common sense says wait. Return home. Re-evaluate. But our hearts say JUMP! When at odds, compromise. We make an appointment to meet with a Notario. ( Notarios in Mexico, are the equivalent to attorneys in the U.S.A.). The Notario clearly outlines the process of buying real estate in Mexico as a foreigner. With the amount of time we have left on our stay, it is suggested that we present a verbal offer and see where it leads. With my heart racing, I look at my husband to read his thoughts. We both know, that if we don't do this, we will always wonder about what could have been. As I take a deep breath to calm my nerves, Jim, asks the Notario to make the call on our behalf. After introductions, and a brief conversation, our offer is presented and declined. There is an accepted offer on the house. We are not overly disappointed. This house was not meant to be ours. We walk away from the Notario's office just as excited as when we arrived. Our dream is within our grasp. This time we lightly touched it. Next time...........

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