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Monday, May 7, 2012

Leaving Home Or Returning Home

Have you ever been somewhere, where you have never been before, and felt familiar to your surroundings? I tell myself this feeling is a result of our 5 month stay. So why do I feel like we are leaving home rather than returning home?

Our bags are packed. Tomorrow morning we depart for California. Making the most of our last night, we head to the beach to watch the sun set. Over dinner, we take a trip down memory lane. We have had a good adventure! We achieved what we set out to do. We relaxed, immersed ourselves in the culture, learn a bit of Spanish, lived spontaneously and disconnected from our tiny piece of the world. As we look through this window of life, reminiscing about our experiences, we decide to make a life choice. If we really want to live in another country, we need to do it now! If we allow ourselves the time to re-settle into our "old life" our boldness will dissipate. Deciding to move from a developed country to a developing country is not for everyone. More times than not, it is a step back in time rather than a leap..........

La Senora

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