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Sunday, August 5, 2012


Meet Armando,
Armando With The Church Ladies Of The Soup Kitchen

Armando, is a Padre (Priest) in training and the "golden child" of the church that sponsors the soup kitchen. He is young, charismatic and adored by all. Every Tuesday and Friday, Armando dines with the patrons of the soup kitchen. Like a ray of sunshine, he lights up the dinning room and those around him. He shares a word with everyone, leaving a smile upon their faces. At the end of July, Armando returned to Mexico City, to complete his final year in the seminary. After graduation, he will be assigned to a new church of his own. His departure has weighed heavily on the hearts of the ladies from the soup kitchen. In a sign of appreciation and gratitude, the soup kitchen held a special luncheon to say goodbye. I was extended an invitation, and honored to join in the festivities.
Luncheon Preparations

Special Time With Armando

Earlier in the month, a friend had given me a bag of Dove chocolates (from the U.S.A.) to share with the patrons of the soup kitchen. With chocolate being a luxury item in this community, they were a big hit. Ara (a.k.a.Mother Superior), asked if I could bring another bag of the chocolates to Armando's luncheon as a goodbye gift from all the ladies. Relying on the kindness of my dear friend, I was able to obtain another bag of Dove chocolates. The ladies presented a beautiful lunch and we all enjoyed our special time with Armando. After lunch, we gave Armando his gifts, a bottle of cologne and the Dove chocolates. Armando sweetly held the bag to his heart when giving thanks and then graciously shared a piece with all of us. These delicious morsels come individually wrapped in foil. Once opened, under the chocolate morsel is a feel good message (in English). Armando, was first to open his chocolate, saw the message and in perfect English read it out loud. I couldn't believe it. I looked at him as though he just performed a miracle! You speak English! "Yes, and I read English too"! But you never talk to me in English? "There was no need, you may speak Spanish badly, but you make yourself understood"..............
Gift Of Cologne

Gift Of Dove Chocolates

La Senora

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  1. What a great and funny comment: "you speak Spanish badly but you make yourself understood"....that probably sums up most of us in our butchery of the language but these kind and gracious people of Yucatan are so wonderful and let us muddle along without much said except the occasional correction.