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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Girls Of Summer

Sol Beer Girls 
With all the activity of the summer season and the huge boost in population, Progreso is a business opportunity. On Saturdays and Sundays, the "Big Boys" come into town with the girls of summer and make quite a splash. The Big Boys, like to promote their companies and products through the employment of beautiful women. That is beautiful, scantly dressed women; insuring they catch the (male) eye of the public! Sol Beer, with the famous Sol Girls, is one of the biggest splash makers .These girls don't just stand around looking pretty and posing as pretend girlfriends for photographs. No, no, they can dance, shake, wiggle and roll all day long. They are very good at their job and will have you buying beer whether you are thirsty or not!
Sol Girls Grand Arrival
Motorized Beer Cooler..... Brilliant!
Shaking The Money Maker!
Other splash makers are Tostitos and Telcel, a little telephone company owned by Carlos Slim.
Tostito Girls
Telcel Girl
But lets not forget the real girls of summer. So boys, grab a beer and the one you love, and enjoy the last days of summer.......

La Senora

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