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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

We all have our own little quirks that come into play when having to make big decisions. Many times a suppressed vice in the form of alcohol, food or cigarettes steps forward to lend a helping hand. For me it is coffee and the pot is brewing.......

After realizing Querétaro was not going to be our new home, the question of day was simply "what's next" ? We knew with certainty that we wanted to remain in Mexico and that we would not compromise when it came to better weather and easier air travel to and from the States. Not one for indecision and the clock running out on our Merida rental, I suggested to El Señor that we just pick a place and take a leap of faith!

Welcome to my new window of the world, Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico.

Side by Side Duplex, Home is on the Right
Bucerias is a small town just north of  Puerto Vallarta. The main highway known as Mexico 200 divides Bucerias into two sections, beach side and mountainside. The beach side of town is a tourist haven filled with high rise condos, resorts, restaurants, salons, boutique shopping and so much more. The mountainside is home to locals, shops accommodating everyday needs and restaurants specializing in foods of the region. We decided to take up residence on the mountainside. We feel we have the best of both worlds, a quiet neighborhood within walking distance to the beach and all the wonderful amenities it has to offer.

Neighborhood Welcoming Committee
Mountain View
Our Neighborhood Businesses
Mexico 200 Crossover to Beach Side
Beach Side View
Art Galleries
Small Town Transportation
With our first month coming to completion next week, our time has been spent setting up the house, making address changes, opening up new bank accounts, securing internet service, visiting immigration, dealing with a plumber and finding a dentist for El Señor. This may not sound like much, but living in Mexico, these are "high five" accomplishments!

Our adventures are just beginning.........

Hope you enjoyed the read,
La Señora


  1. Looks like a great choice of location. House looks great too! Can't wait to come visit you and all the others we know in the area. ...Hugs....miss you!

  2. Looks like a great choice of location. House looks great too! Can't wait to come visit you and all the others we know in the area. ...Hugs....miss you!

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  4. La Senora y El Senor: Thanks for this posting. We wondered where you were at. Looks like a great decision and knowing the ways of Mexico, you have accomplished a lot! Enjoyed your photos and awaiting more of your adventures. Hugs, H&N

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