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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Working Off The Short Clock

Spring Blooming Jacaranda Tree

Our time was winding down. With only 1 week left of our travels in Querétaro, I picked up a nasty parasite. Returning home to the Yucatan became our priority. 3 weeks have since past and so has the nasty parasite! Good health is our richest possession in life.............

We have had a lot of interest about our travels and whether or not we have made a decision on moving to Querétaro. After all of our exploring and research, we do not feel it is the right fit for us. Though the pros did outweigh the cons, my main obstacle is that this "Nervous Nelly" would never drive there! Querétaro's location makes it a crossroads for travel within Mexico. Though this is a "pro", it brings an enormous amount of traffic to the area outside of Historic Central. The highways are busy with commuters, travelers and heavy cargo trucks. It can take up to 20 minutes or more just to merge onto the highways from the city.  I guess I will always be a small town girl!

Curious minds have also been asking if we have seen Trump in Mexico? I can say yes and the proof is in the picture. Just saying, I think this is a reflection on how Mexico feels about the man!
Trump Pinata
Do we still want to move? Yes! The question as to where still remains and so the adventure of relocating continues.............

Hope you have enjoyed!
La Señora

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  1. really enjoyed your research, Senora. And happy to hear that parasite has gone.