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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bernal, The Magical Town, Road Trip #3

Welcome to Bernal.

Peña de Bernal
The Peña de Bernal is the third largest monolith in the entire world! In 2007, Bernal acquired the title of Pueblo Mágico (Magical Town). Meaning, the town has magical symbolic attributes and the history to support theses findings. Weather you believe in magic or not, when your feet touch down in Bernal, you feel good.........

Halfway to Starting Point
Reaching the base of the monolith is about a 20 minute walk up hill! There are 3 trails to choose from depending your level of endurance. The first trail is a walk around the base of the monolith. The next level has you climbing. Even though this trail has been roughly cut, don't be fooled. The rocks are smooth and due to the dryness of the season they are covered with a light dusting, that will have you slipping and sliding! The third and final trail requires rock climbing experience as well as ropes and other climbing implements. Wanting more than a walk, but not being experienced rock climbers, we choose the second trail. El Señor and I encountered a few challenges along the way but I can proudly say we made it! A proud achievement for this scaredy-cat, La Señora has a fear of heights. Strangely, as long as I do not look down, I can climb upward without a problem, But when the time comes to descend, my legs turn to jelly, I tense up and my shaking body takes away my capability to balance. In other words, I have to crawl down on all fours!

Rules of Climbing / Enjoyed the English Translation

Dusting on the Rocks

View from  Halfway Point of Climb

We Made It!

Final View

Coming Down

El Señor, Waiting on La Señora
"Don't worry, I will stop you if you fall"

Yeah....Still In One Piece!

Though the monolith is the first reason people go to Bernal, the second reason is for the blue corn gorditas. A gordita is like a small pita pocket, cooked on a griddle, then cut open and filled with your choice of goodness! There is only one way to eat a gordita and that is with your hands. By using a fork and knife you would deprive yourself of the full experience.

Fresh Gorditas Made to Order

Left: Potato and Chorrizo,
Right: Refried Beans with Cream Corn and Poblano Chile 

Going For It

Good Eating

Signs of success are everywhere for this little town of 3,000 people. Renovations and improvements are currently in the works, making way for more, hotels, restaurants and shopping. I know a return visit we will have us saying to each other, "remember when"........................

To all my followers, Happy Spring!
Hope you have enjoyed.
La Señora

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